Monday, February 8, 2010

Messages to our First Lady

As many of you know, there has been a lot of buzz in the eating disorders world about comments the press tells us that the first lady made about her daughters' sizes. Having learned over the past couple of years that what really matters is fitness and health, not size or weight I've had some thoughts about the matter. I'm realizing that fitness and health are what I always have valued and I'd been led to believe that weight and size were directly influencing the former two.

I am very grateful to two of my "parent heros" who share my passion for making eating disorders a thing of the past. Both Laura Collins and Doris Smeltzer have addressed this directly with Michelle Obama and I commend them both for eloquently and elegantly doing so. Both of them handled it with grace, style and respect of the first lady.

I am sharing with you the links to their blogs so you can read for yourself what they had to say. I hope that Mrs. Obama will get a chance to see and hear what they have to share also. For I too believe she is a very smart woman who like many of us has been led to believe that size and weight determine our fitness and health. My wish is that our first lady will study this as so many of us have and make her own choices about this matter. Of course I am hoping she will see the validity of this concept and use her position to share this with our health care providers so that they too can do no harm.

Thank you Laura Collins and Doris Smeltzer

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