Saturday, October 30, 2010

ANAD Eating Disorders Conference

Before I get onto the next topic that I committed to discuss here... I feel compelled to share the info on the 2011 ANAD conference in Chicago May 6th!  Hope to see you all there!

Happy Halloween ~

ANAD 2011 Midwest Eating Disorders Conference

ANAD is pleased to announce the professional eating disorders conference: “Wellness, not Weight-the Changing Focus of Eating Disorders.”  It will be open to clinicians, educators, friends and families affected by eating disorders.  The conference is co-sponsored by Linden Oaks Hospital and Rogers Memorial Hospital.   Dianne Neumark-Sztainer, PhD, MPH, RD  will be the keynote speaker on May 6, 2011 at the Oakbrook Marriott, Illinois.

CEU’s will be offered. Registration begins in January 2011.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What to do if your child has an eating disorder

In thinking about how to best respond to and discuss this article in which Hope Network was featured I became a bit overwhelmed as many topics surfaced that come to mind after reading Beth's well written article.

So, I decided to do a series addressing the different concepts I feel are so important to address.

Over the next few weeks (using that timeframe loosely) I'll be discussing these:
1. Diets turning deadly/"War on Obesity"
2. Blaming Parents...this will change in our lifetime if it is the last thing I do.
3. Medical professionals not taking eating disorders seriously.
4. Shame/Stigma/barriers to treatment
6. The wonderful work the Joy Project is doing-
Joy Project -- Grassroots nonprofit, networking self-advocacy website that provides information about support groups, treatment options,
7. Genetic predispostions - (will come up in some of the above but cannot be talked about enough.
8. Evidence Based Treatments - FBT
9. More on what parents/carers can do.

There, now it's out there and I'm committed.

Thank you again Beth Dooley and Star Tribune for addressing this important and often avoided topic.

Beth Dooley is a freelance writer, cookbook author and frequent contributor to: Delta Sky Magazine, Mpls StPaul Magazine and Minneapolis Star Tribune

Friday, October 1, 2010

Tele-Class for Parents of a child with an Eating Disorder

Thursday, November 4 through December 16, 7:00 to 8:30 pm.

We Understand – We've Been There – We Want To Hear You

...Eating Disorders Tele-Classes

√ Are you feeling alone in how to cope with an eating disorder in someone you care about?

√ Do you want a safe anonymous place to learn more about eating disorders with others?

√ Would knowing what to say and do empower you to better someone in recovery?

Hope Network and Pivotal Crossings have partnered to host the following Educational Tele-classes dealing with one of life's most challenging experiences -- being a family member of an individual with an eating disorder.

Learn from the experts and peers who have experience in moving forward with their lives in the face of this mental illness.

Week One -- Topics for this first session will focus on eating disorders vs. disordered eating; practical tools for staying in balance and how to deal with our emotions.

Week Two -- Learn to separate your loved one from the eating disorder; maintaining boundaries, asking for help, styles of transition and how we handle adjustments.

Week Three -- We will address the number one myth that parents/family cause eating disorders; embracing family conflict; and readjusting to a new world of family dynamics.

Week Four -- We are all lost with what to say/not say - what to do/not do, how to build bridges and make transitions work and learn to forgive ourselves and others.

Week Five -- This session will concentrate on hidden losses - loss of dreams; riding the rollercoaster of emotions and exceptional books and resources.

Week Six --The focus of this last session will include types of treatment; using your strengths for positive change and honoring your gifts.

Presenters -- Becky Henry Speaker and Eating Disorders Family Coach. She is the author of Just Tell Her To Stop: Family Stories of Eating Disorders. Rita Goldhammer is a leadership coach, author, and facilitator who encourages others to embrace major life transitions and losses. Her most recent book, Enrich Your Caregiving Journey, is dedicated to one of the most stressful transitions: caregiving.

Pricing -- Tele-class Registration is $70 per person for this six-week PILOT series ($150 value – less than half for this premiere). The six-weekly sessions are designed to be taken in order. Sessions will be recorded and available if you miss a session. Register for the Series -- Register online by at or call 952-451-5663 or 763-784-4841 for assistance and questions.