Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sharing Melissa's blog on family support

Just read Melissa's blog post on the findingmelissa blog site. She shares some valuable information on what specifically families can do to support their loved on during an eating disorder.

Those of us in the trenches know it can be such a hopeless and helpless feeling when it seems there is so little we can DO to help them recover. We need to make a mental shift on what that looks like. They need to do the work and we need to be the cheer squad. Not an easy task when Ed is so tenaciously whispering in their ear.

Here is my comment on Melissa's blog post. Please share your thoughts.

Melissa, this is one of the best lists I've ever seen to spell it out for families on how to effectively support your loved one with an eating disorder. Such concrete things to do:
1. Remind you that you are special
2. Listen when you are scared
3. Reassure you when you have doubts
4. Call you on the phone and help you smile
5. Be there waiting for when you are ready to join the world again

All good things for families to remember. Thank you for digging deep to really put words to what helped you in your recovery. Families feel so helpless and often hopeless. I will share your blog with others.
Thank you!
Becky Henry

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