Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Congrats Gabourey Sidibe

How many of your hearts were bursting with joy to see the lovely Gabourey Sidibe present at the Academy Awards nominated for an Oscar? Not only was a thrilled for this amazing young woman who is having a fabulous start to her career, I felt a glimmer of hope that we may be making progress on accepting people for who they are being and what they are accomplishing rather than their size.

Those of you in the eating disorders world know that our families/friends may tire of hearing us talk about body image issues when we look at TV. So, I kept my mouth shut and just listened to the comments of the other ladies who had been making catty comments all evening about the appearance of many of the people who crossed the screen. Quite an interesting commentary, no wonder women feel so judged...when we are constantly judging everyone who crosses our paths we must feel they are also judging us. It was sport. Kind of like the "sport" of throwing dynamite into a lake and watching the fish fly out is "fishing." Those of you not from the upper midwest of the US might not know about this "sport." Or maybe this goes on in other parts of the world too.

I digress with my analogy, let's just say:
What if we all started feeling love and acceptance toward those we see during our days?
Would we in turn start feeling love and acceptance toward ourselves?
Would the incidence of eating disorders decrease?
Would we be happier and have a more prosperous society?
Would women (and men) improve their self-esteem? Body-esteem? Body image?

Who knows but it seems worth the effort to me.

So in the spirit of love and acceptance I am sharing this fun - tongue in cheek, smartly written article written by Kate Harding. Enjoy and kudos to both Kate and Gabourey keep being the change you wish to see in the world - and thank you!


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