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Moving the Weight Paradigm from Dread and Failure to Balance and Health

Today I am putting finishing touches on my presentation for the January 16th CE course for health care providers. If you are looking for more information on helping your patients with weight issues come and check out this course and get your CE credits!

We hope you will take advantage of this important continuing education opportunity.

This 1-day workshop is approved for 7 CEUs for most healthcare and mental health professionals
Moving the Weight Paradigm from Dread and Failure to Balance and Health - Promoting Healthy Body Image, Eating, Fitness, and Weight
Training healthcare providers, mental health therapists, dietary specialists, educators, administrators, and legislators to respond more effectively to the full spectrum of eating and weight concerns.
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Date: Saturday, January 16, 2010—9:00 AM - 5:00 PM Lunch Included
Location: Zurah Shrine Center, 2540 Park Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55404
Why attend?

You cannot solve problems using the same thinking that created them. (Albert Einstein)

Whether for appearance or health, worry about weight affects the lives of most people today, and at ever younger ages. Healthcare providers, therapists, dieticians, educators and legislators are increasingly called upon to respond, give advice, or develop policies in regard to weight, even as top health authorities are uncertain about the best way to do so. With eating disorders on the one hand and a rising rate of obesity on the other, it is critical that those in positions of influence and authority understand the complex issues involved to avoid adding to the problem. In turn they must become skilled, confident, and effective in discussing weight in ways that do not inadvertently promote body dissatisfaction or shame, disordered eating, or complacency about eating and fitness. Moving Mountains 4 Health informs and trains professionals in a universal, evidence-based approach that may be used with confidence to promote the attitudes and behaviors needed for positive body image, wholesome lifestyle habits, and healthy weight, regardless of size.

What will you learn?
An effective, evidence-based model for healthy body image, eating, fitness and weight: Hear an overview of the risk factors underlying the full spectrum of body image and weight concerns today. Take away a new model for prevention and intervention and the language to deliver it that is applicable to all ages.

How the STRESS RESPONSE (including worry about weight) contributes to problems, and skills to intervene: Identify how stress relates to appetite, eating, physical activity and hormonal imbalances that contribute to weight problems. Learn evidence-based methods for maintaining balance in the face of stress, versus turning to self-sabotaging behaviors.
Teaching how (versus what) to eat: the feeding relationship and health: Review development and feeding from infancy through adolescence and how worrying about weight distorts the feeding relationship with far-reaching consequences. Learn to teach “Feeding Competency 101.”

Identifying, differentiating and referring eating disorders across the spectrum: Gain tools for effectively identifying disordered eating and eating disorders, as well as communicating with patients and their families about medical care and referral for specialized treatment.
How to use the new paradigm in your practice to support health as a value versus size as a goal: Promotion of health-supporting behaviors and balance versus size or weight is an evidence-based approach that reduces stress, eliminates self-sabotaging efforts, and gives everyone an equal opportunity to succeed.

Who is Moving Mountains 4 Health?
Moving Mountains 4 Health is a coalition of professionals who are passionate about promoting healthy body image, eating, fitness and weight.

Michele Gorman, MS, RD, LD is an award winning dietitian and president of the Minnesota Dietetics Association.
Kathy Kater LICSW is a psychotherapist, author of Healthy Body Image, and a nationally known authority on body image, eating and weight issues.

Katja Rowell MD is a family doctor turned childhood feeding expert.

Becky Henry CPPC is an eating disorders coach, parent and author of an upcoming book for families living with eating disorders.

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