Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Support for those in ED Recovery - EDEN Recovery Skills Tele-Class

If you or your loved one is in recovery and would like a boost to stay on track with all the work you have done - join others on this journey of supportive coaching!

I am now offering a Group Tele-class featuring the EDEN Curriculum 17 week

Recovery Skills Course. The calls are 45 - 60 minutes in length - held Tuesdays, (10-11 am CST). The cost for the 17 weeks including the $20.00 cost of the curriculum, (which I
will mail to each participant, includes postage) is $270.97 which =
$15.90 per week, can be paid to either Becky Henry or Hope Network, Inc. I
also have a paypal account you can use too. If you need to make payments
this can be done in 3 installments of $93.32 each which = $279.96. One
before beginning, the next at 4 weeks and the last at 10 weeks.

Here is the outline of the 17 weeks: (you may join in at any point)

Recovery Perspectives & Planning

Defining Healthy/Picturing Recovery

Metaphors for Recovery

Identity & Goal Setting

Stress Management

Exploring Exercise and Brain Chemistry

Nurturing the Spiritual Side


Images of Eating Disorders & Recovery


Media Influence

Reaching Our Goals

Barriers & Motivators

Inspiration for Recovery

Limiting Beliefs

Challenging Your Limiting Beliefs

The Journey to Recovery

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