Monday, August 10, 2009

Another Resource for Eating Disorders

Just back from the eWomenNetwork conference in Dallas. Wow, what amazing women I met! So inspiring and hope creating. I made some great connections with women who are making a difference in the lives of those living with eating disorders. Can't wait to share with you the positive outcomes of these new relationships. I know we'll be collaborating to bring more resources to families impacted by eating disorders.

Speaking of resources, I just read on PR web about the Kartini Clinic in Portland, OR. So fun as I just had read about it in Laura Collins book: Eating With Your Anorexic and now I saw this article. Must be something I need to know about and would like to share with you. Here is the link to the article:
And here is the basic information about Kartini Clinic:
The Kartini Clinic for Disordered Eating in Portland, Oregon was founded in 1998 by Dr. Julie O'Toole in the knowledge that parents don't cause eating disorders and children don't choose to have them. Kartini Clinic serves children and young adults, aged 6 to 22, with all forms of disordered eating. For a free consultation with our intake coordinator, please call 503 249 8851, or visit our web site at

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