Friday, March 27, 2009

Book Chapter Coming Soon

Watch here for chapters of my upcoming book. I'll be posting chapters for you to read as they are written. Some changes will happen after the editors get their eyes on them but for the most part this is the essence of the book. I've done 19 interviews so far and am writing as much as possible.

I'll be having a contest for best title in the coming weeks so look for that too. Right now the working title is still something like:
Just Tell Her To Stop; Real Tools, Resources and Hope when Loving Someone With an Eating Disorder

Comments are welcome. I am somewhat concerned about "Just Tell Her To Stop" being offensive, but I think most people will get it that being told that is crazy and unhelpful and we've all been told that at one point, which is the point. Hopefully this book will guide people to share with their friends, family, co-workers that it isn't that simple, we cannot just tell an addict to simply stop. If it was that easy, there wouldn't be so many people living with addicitions.

If you have trouble viewing the Retreat Information in the previous post just double click on it and you'll get a larger version. If you still cannot see it then go to Monte Nido's website and you'll be able to find the information from Carolyn Costin.

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