Friday, February 29, 2008

Becky's back in Minnesota's frozen tundra

So, I got to escape a tiny bit of Minnesota winter in AZ for a few wonderful days. While there eWomen Radio aired the interview I did with Sandra Yancy, the Founder of eWomen Network. You can still listen if you missed it at: How fun that they aired that on the first day of NEDAW (National Eating Disorders Awareness Week). It so great to be out and about in the community talking with people about their struggles with eating disorders and hearing the hopefulness that people actually can get well. I love talking with all of the people who are recovered and the Hope that they are so willing to share with those still suffering. If you want to talk with one of these people just email me and I'll connect you with them. They are so generous about sharing their time to give hope to people still fighting.

Looking forward to spring here in the snow covered land. I'm planning a Women's Mind Body Balance Retreat at the MN Landscape Arboretum for May 17th and it is so great to picture flowers and bright colors. See the invite below, a peek into spring (attendance is limited):

This is so great that I'm able to get a picture to show up here, just need to figure out how to get the second picture to show up. Maybe next post.

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